Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Superhero in a Box II - Futher Developement

Are you tiring yourself getting out of bed just to go all the way up and down those stairs? Now, save the energy! Teleport from from bed to couch in seconds! Never have to walk again!

How I will approach shooting Teleportation shots
Camera remains still
From bed to couch:
Wide shot of actor in bed.
Shot of scene without actor for base plate.
Hold up covers and drop them to composite shot of the teleportation's effect on covers.
Apply camera shake (wiggler)
smoke effect

Across street
With Camera remaining in place.
Shoot scene without actor for base plate
Actor approaches curb (tired with hand on back and out of breath). Cut on actor starting to jump
Cut to actor across the street. Cut on action of feet touching ground after jump
Apply camera shake (wiggler)
smoke effect

Are those items you need way out of reach? Are you straining your neck and back with reaching and bending? With your new elastic limbs, you'll never have to get up for those simple tasks.

Shoot base plate
Shoot actor in attempts to reach objects
From same angle shoot actor's hands, feet, lips touching object. (these shots will be masked out for compositing a realistic look of objects being reached)
Rotobrush out limbs and use puppet tool to manipulate movement.
Add shadows

Object Duplication
With your new object duplication ability, never run out of what you need. Even duplicate your money so you'll never have to work again!

to keep this effect from looking like im just turing on and off layers, I will animate the object's scale, puppet object during its materialization. Add shadows.

Testimonial Examples

Testimonial ideas
Thanks to object duplication I was able to double my money and keep my house.
I use my powers every day and now jobs around the home require so much less energy
I don't have to lift a finger when i want to go anywhere. I love it!

Aesthetics of the Commercial
Negative effects of not having product - High contrast/low saturation. X-out over screen. quirky music
Positive Effects -Bright, colorful, elevator-like music

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