Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final Conept - Commercial

SuperHero in a Box: Second Edition

Life just got a lot easier with Superhero in a Box: Second Edition. Manufactured for your easy living, this set includes teleportation, super stretch, and time freeze!

Theme: An advertised product that aids in its user's laziness
One thing that I noticed about the commercials selling ridiculous products is that they offer nothing more than an aid for laziness. So to push the whole idea that this product is appealing to the lazy I'll use all examples of what these powers can be used for to aid in the user's laziness. This is meant to be comical but should seem to look like a real commercial.

Super Stretch
Time Freeze

Sleeping in and getting to work or class at the last minute.
Teleport to the store and back to your couch in seconds.

Effect Example:

*This is basically what the effect will look like except between two different locations
*apply camera shake effect and added dust

Super stretch
Turn off your alarm clock without getting out of bed.
Stay on the couch and grab the soda that you left across the room.

*Rotobrush: mask out the actor's arm and use the puppet tool to stretch it.

Time Freeze
Take a nap in the middle of the day.
(character at work and starts sleeping on their desk)
Finish homework just before you turn it in

Effect Example

This is effect is simple: masking and time remapping.

Examples of Products and commercials that pretty much support laziness

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is some fooling around with the rotobrush and puppet tool. just to get a refreshed handle on them both.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking Effects Further

Here are some effects that I want to try in my next project. I'm still kinda stuck on what i want to do next as far as content goes, but there are a lot of smaller tests that I really want to try.
This is the first test that I want to try. I don't like biting off other people's ideas so i think I want to try this with hair or legs as well..

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So i made some major changes to my project after tuesday's critique. I turned it into a commercial mirrored after the as-seen-on-tv ads. Its much shorter (about 1:20) and a little more funny. I added voice and music to make it more commercial-like. I found the music track on freestockmucsic.com. and I aslo found the background video online at stock video site. I'm much more happy with this piece; however, I do feel that it could be a lot stronger given the time to shoot more footage. I would have had my actor (or different actors) doing more with the superpowers (more so ridiculous things that are just funny. I noticed that most of the ads on tv offer nothing but aids to laziness. I think I've taken this in a much better direction.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working, Working, Working...

At this point, I'm not as far along as I'd planned but I'm confident that I can get this project done by tuesday. Due to some scheduling issues with my actor, I wasn't able to get too much shot. So far, I have filmed just a few test shots to work out just how I am going to put together the effects. I'm actually happy about not getting it shot yet because I now know what types of shots not to use for my cloning scene. I worked out the bugs so I'm pretty excited. They're pretty quick to get done, so After I'm done shooting its all fun from there. I've changed my shooting location to something more camera-friendly.
So this is just some tests (that wont' be used in my project). These were really quick to get done, so I'm pretty pumped about working this weekend!