Sunday, April 29, 2012

Introducing, Superhero in a Box II, manufactured for your ease of living. This set includes Teleportation, Elasticity, and Objetct Duplication.

Stop straining yourself going from one room to another. With just a snap of your fingers, you can instantly teleport to any desired location.
Don't strain yourself getting up, teleport into positions until you're comfortable.

Having trouble reaching that yummy snack? Don't bother getting up, use your Elasticity ability to get to those tough to reach things.
You can stretch all areas of your body.

Running short on cash? No problem! Duplicate your money then spend again and again. Dont get down in the dumps because you're out of your favorite snack. Just duplicate the item and eat great all day.

Order now to have Superhero in a Box II rushed to your front door.

Just 5 easy payments of $99.95
call toll-free at 1855- BE-SUPER or order online at

This product and all statements affiliated with SUPERHERO IN A BOX have not been approved by the food and drug administration for use on humans in Canada, Mexico, China, Italy, United States or Brazil.
To be used by professional superheros only. Untrained use could result in disfigurment or long-term comas. Duplicate items at your own risk, items may duplicate uncontrollably.

Superhero in a Box II
It's a happier you...

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