Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here are some tutorials to show how my effects are done!


Car levitation
this tutorial shows how to pick up a car in AE, but the basic same principles will be used to levitate the car.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Superhero in a box Schedule/Props/Storyboard

Friday Feb 24- Print smaller box and secure video equipment
Saturday - Filming all shots
Sunday - Reshoot any necessary shots.
Monday - Edit all non-effects shots into sequence
Tuesday - Complete effects for final clone scene and super speed scene
Wednesday - Matte painting and completion of car levitation
Thursday - Rework effects

Props needed:
Car (got it)
Box - 1 small, 1 large (got it)
I'll be making the smaller box by printing the labels onto thick paper with a template for the box on it. I'll be working on this today.
insulin vial (got it)
syringe (got it)

So these are the main shots that I want to have in my piece. My next step is to make the box and it's contents. I want them to look cheap and a little unsafe. For the bottle, I'm using an insulin vial. At this point I'm just about ready to start filming. I've made the decision to do this project without sound to focus more on the visuals. By next Tuesday I want to have this filmed so that I can get jumping on the effects.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Superhero in a Box

The Look

4x4 inch box. Looks cheap

Warning Label:
To be used by professionals only!
untrained use of this product could result in injuries or death.
Do not attempt to levitate large objects.
Consult with your doctor before use of super speed.
Clones may manifest zombie-like or violent
Side effects include: explosive diarrhea, sucidal actions, spastic fits of madness, body hair growth , headaches, vomiting, or death.

After ordering an injection guaranteed to give its user super powers, one guy finds that those powers aren't really that cool.
Superpowers: Telekinesis, Super Speed, Ability to clone oneself.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Superhero in a Box

After ordering a new system in the mail that guarantees to give its user super powers, one guy finds that those powers are not as cool as he imagined.

In After Effects, I will be using these techniques:
Motion Tracking
Matte painting

Tone: Comical
Theme: be careful of what you buy

We open with a guy getting a package in the mail. He's excited and opens it quickly. It's Superhero in a Box; an injection that gives the user temporary superpowers. He takes the shot and gets up to test out the effects. First he looks down at the box at the list of superpowers. The first is super strength: So he goes outside and picks up a car, but lets it go mid-air and it drops and the windows shatter (matte painting the broken glass + 3D effects for the shattering glass). The next power is SuperSpeed, so he takes off in different directions superfast, but has a cramp after and goes back inside. The third power is making objects move with one's mind. so he focuses for a minute and causes an object on his coffee table to hover. The Fourth power is duplicating oneself. So, he breathes for a moment, then a clone pops up next to him, but the clone is mindless and drooling. Finally, he picks up the box that the medicine came in and turns it over to the warning label. It reads that the powers obtained using this product are to be used strictly by professionals. Clones may manifest in multiples or zombie-like. Use with extreme caution. Then it lists a variety of other bad bodily side effects.

Similar to these

This one is a possible alternate to the superspeed. I'll try both to see which works out better.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This technique is probably the easiest I've tried thus far. Which is why im liking it. However, this effect can look really cheap if not done well. Being mindful of where the actor is and backgrounds is the most important part. I did a few tests in class today. They look pretty crappy, but here's just to show that i get the overall point. There's a lot i can do with cloning so im pretty excited to get started on some big projects with this technique involved.

Idea for a short
For this technique I want to make a short about a guy who is accidentally cloning himself over and over again. It will start with the main character getting home, checking the mail, and getting a letter about a cloning program. There would be a phrase at the bottom that the letter recipient must recite if they choose to join the program. Then clones of himself start popping up all over the room. After too many have popped up he quickly exits his apartment and shuts the door. After thinking for a moment, he opens the door back up and the room is empty. So he rips up the letter.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Matte Painting- Sky Replacement

Im using Andrew Kramer's Tutorial for this task. This process is a lot more involved than i originally imagined; however its something i feel is important for me to know. This is my first crack at imitating andrew kramer's tutorial. There's still the issue with the lines at the edge of my mask, and the motion tracking on the second 2 shots isn't right. it looks really weird (shaking too much) I know it looks bad lol

this one is just some fooling around with still pictures and a moving sky.